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Starting kindergarten is a big step for your child and your whole family. It’s a wonderful and exciting experience, but it also means a big change for you and your child. We are here to help you and your child to create a strong foundation for a good start!

Why choose Pikolini ?


Because you can have confidence that your child receives the best care and education possible at International Kindergarten Pikolini. Our commitment to quality is universal. We believe every child should experience excellence every day.


Through the day we engage them, laugh with them, listen to their stories give opportunities and freedom to experiment and explore. We believe that the acquisition of knowledge is active and that children learn best when engaged experientially, working together with their peers and conducting independent research.


You can have confidence that your child receives the best education possible at International Kindergarten Pikolini


We pride ourselves on our distinctive blend of fun in a safe nurturing environment.

Our centers

Art Center

Art Center – serves as a great creative outlet for children to help express their emotions and ideas. In this center children use colored paper, crayons, markers, tape, paste, safe scissors to create group or independent projects. In addition, children will develop their fine motor skill and improved hand-eye coordination.

Nature & Science Center

Nature & Science Center – or discovery center brings the outdoors indoors and gives children opportunities to explore nature and science concepts. In this center children learn how to plant seeds, how to explore rocks and seashells, how to conduct research and analyze the colected data. Also, they learn about the weather, animals, plants and the planets

Literacy Center

Literacy Center – children explore the world of books and feel safe and secure as they are introduced to reading. In this center children practice their reading, writing, and comprehension skills

Block Center

Block Center – can improve children’s motor skills, practice problem solving, and teach them to work with their classmates while playing. Block play enables children to explore their creative side by building unique structures using blocks with diferent sizes and shapes. A block learning center will also teach children about basic engineering and architecture concepts.

Pikolini's Facilities

Our Classrooms

Our sports ground

Our Playground

Our Plant area & sand area

Our role is to welcome children, with their many unique gifts and needs, and provide them a strong, developmentally appropriate experience.

Our programs

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